Help the Forest Society protect 5,800 acres in Dixville Notch, NH

Help the Forest Society protect 5,800 acres in Dixville Notch, NH

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the conservation of these lands already complete?
No, not at all. The Forest Society has signed a purchase and sale agreement. We must raise $850,000 by January 15, 2012 in order to complete the purchase/protection.

From whom are you buying the conservation restrictions?
The Forest Society is acquiring the conservation restrictions from the Tillotson Corporation--the same entity that recently sold the Balsams Hotel. The funds will go to them.

Will there be a power line Right-of-Way on the conserved land?
Not if we're successful in raising the funds and completing the sale. Tillotson Corp has retained any and all rights to a powerline ROW, and our signed purchase-and-sale agreement gives us the right to acquire the ROW as part of the transaction. We will extnguish the ROW forever.

If the Forest Society is successful, will the golf courses and ski area be conserved as well?
No, the proposed conserved lands are those surrounding the developed areas that contain the hotel structures as well as the golf courses and ski area. You can see a map of the proposed conserved areas here.

Who owns the fee interest in the land?
The new owners of the Balsams Resort own the land subject to the conservation restrictions that are still held by the Tillotson Corporation and under agreement to be acquired by the Forest Society if we raise the funds necessary by January 15. If we are successful, the new owners of the hotel would continue to own the land and the Forest Society would monitor those conservation restrictions to ensure that they were enforced forever.

What if the Balsams Hotel would be sold again some time in the future? What happens to the conservation restrictions?
If we are successful, the conservation restrictions will stay on the land in perpetuity. Any future owners of the land would be held to those same restrictions forever.

Will the public still be able to recreate on the land?
Yes, there will still be public access to the land for traditional uses such as hiking, hunting, fishing and snowmobiling.

What will happen to my donation if this project is not successful?
If we are unable to complete this project, we will return your donation to you unless you instruct us to apply it to another Forest Society project.  That said, we are planning to succeed.

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